Saturday, March 3, 2007

First Diamond

I finished the first diamond yesterday. Finally, it seems I am making some progress after two false starts. First I messed up the cables on the sleeves and then I decided to knit the first row of the diamond chart twice to make the cable look more smooth and even. I love how the pullover looks in Cotton Fleece and can`t wait to get to the point when I divide the sleeves from the body and try it on.
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Gauss said...

This looks so beautiful, and the yarn is perfect for cables! I look forward to seeing more of the sweater, as it is knitted.

My e-mail is alina at math dot upenn dot edu . Thanks!

Really? said...

It's looking great already! I really like the color. You may have convinced me to try the cotton fleece. It looks so nice. Keep the pictures coming.

complainr said...

Looking great! And the cotton fleece show the cables so well!