Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ooooh, the difficulties of choosing yarn

Sigh. I'll be starting in on this if I can ever decide on a yarn and if my IK ever arrives. Till then, I'll just watch all of you post progress. Take lots of pictures, knitters!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just joined!

I'm so glad there's a KAL for this pattern; thanks to the mod for putting this together! I'm Holley (aka complainr), and I'm plugging away on the homestretch for the Cardigan for Arwen from the Winter '06 IK, and I told myself that I had to finish that first before casting on for this!

I did buy the yarn this weekend while on a quick mini-vacation with my husband. He waited quite patiently as I chatted with the local yarn merchant and did about 3 very slow circuits around the shop before making my decision. (There's something just so very pleasant about finding yarn on trips.)

It's Nashua superwash wool; I've never worked with this particular brand before (or with superwash wool, either). I'm going to go ahead and test my gauge. Hopefully that'll go well...

Errata update

I received the email from Stefanie. Unfortunatelly, it does not help much as she remarks that:

"Errata for Interweave Knits are handled through their website.

They have a "contact us" link at the bottom through which they can be let know of any problems.

They'll update the site as soon as they are aware of the problems.

Thank you,


There are no errata to the last issue of Interweave Knits posted yet. Gretchen sent them an email (Thank you Gretchen) so hopefully, they will post the corrections soon.


I love the way the pattern says that the 'shaping' is easy enough even for a beginner to do ... well, I'd hate to be that beginner who decides to make this ... I'm find it a wee bit of a 'don't distract me while I'm knitting' type of pattern ... As for the increases ... I'm knitting them and if I don't like the way it's looking after a few more rows, I'll frog it ...

As for my yarn, I opted for stash yarn ... so I'm using cotton, boring, but I'm 'trying' to be 'cost efficient' ...

I got gauge

on size 6 needles using Cotton Fleece. I casted on immediately.
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I haven`t got very far in the pattern yet but Gretchen pointed out the errors in the Diamond Chart to me. There is a thread at the Knitty board that explains the errors and Gretchen`s solution. I haven`t found any errata yet but I emailed Stefanie so hopefully she will let me know soon. I will post the errata here as soon as I get her answer.

New here

I'm new to this whole blogging business, but I like this sweater so much that I'm willing to jump out of my comfort zone!

I am using Elann Highland Wool in periwinkle, and I have cast on. Twice, in fact. Both times, I have made careless mistakes and have frogged it. Now, I had only gotten to row 5 of the cable pattern, so we're not talking a bit commitment, but it's still frustrating.

Question: The directions for the raglan shaping say to knit into the front and back of the stitches right before and right after the marker. BUT, what if the stitches before or just after the marker are purled? Do I still knit into the front and back? What about on the next round which is not an increase round? Can you tell it has me confused?


I just ...

Cast on!!! I did my gauge swatch & it came out great so I thought I might as well as cast it on! Off to do a few rows ...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Knit Picks Delivers

I'm very excited! I was able to find a good match for yarn for the Cable Down Raglan on Knit Picks for a really great price. Its 100% Merino Wool in Butternut. I think it'll be perfect for showing off the cables.


Magazine Down Yarn to Go

I went to Borders yesterday and purchased the Interweave Knits Magazine. I'm excited to find the right yarn choice for the project. I've decided to either go to Kpixie or Knit Picks. Once it comes in the mail, I'm on it. In the meantime I've been trying to read the pattern to make sure I understand everything. So far, I'm a bit stumped by the note that states: "on charts, sleeve outline is followed for first chart repeat only. For each subsequent repeat, work all chart stitches". Can anyone clarify this?


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pst, I bought yarn

Even though I am officially on a stash busting diet. But after a month I gave in and bought yarn for the Cable top raglan. I wanted to make it from cotton or cotton blend and was first thinking about using Cascade Pima Tencel as my LYS just got new spring colors. I swatched and got gauge but decided that the fabric was too drapey and stretchy and finally ended up buying five hanks of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a pretty color called Columbine Blossom. I can`t wait to start.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hello everybody

I am very excited about this KAL and that so many of you are joining. I just wanted to let you know that I left a comment on Stefanie Japel`s blog and hopefully she will add a link to this KAL to her sidebar or comes to visit sometime. I also sent an email to Natalie from 2007 Knit-alongs and asked her to add this KAL to the list.


Hello everyone,

I'm happy to join this new KAL. I should be finished with Orangina this weekend (I'll post pics to my blog). Can you tell me if this pattern is also in Stefanie's new book Fitted Knits? I plan on getting that soon, so if it is, I'll skip ordering the Interweave Knits magazine.

I was fiddling around a bit trying to make a button, this is what I have so far ...
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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Welcome to the Cable Down Raglan KAL. I fell in love with this design immediately when I saw it in the preview of the new Interweave Knits. Lets start and share tips, ideas and of course pictures of this this beautiful sweater.