Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New here

I'm new to this whole blogging business, but I like this sweater so much that I'm willing to jump out of my comfort zone!

I am using Elann Highland Wool in periwinkle, and I have cast on. Twice, in fact. Both times, I have made careless mistakes and have frogged it. Now, I had only gotten to row 5 of the cable pattern, so we're not talking a bit commitment, but it's still frustrating.

Question: The directions for the raglan shaping say to knit into the front and back of the stitches right before and right after the marker. BUT, what if the stitches before or just after the marker are purled? Do I still knit into the front and back? What about on the next round which is not an increase round? Can you tell it has me confused?



Gretchen said...

I discovered the same error and have been posting on Knitty with no help yet. I also emailed IK, but no response yet. I did not locate an email for the designer, but that would be my next step.

Here is what I have figured out on my own:

Diamond Chart:
The blue line representing the beginning of the sleeve edge is correct on the first row, and all odd numbered rows, but it needs to moved in one stitch on every even numbered (increase) row, and the first and last purl symbol changed to represent kfb on every even numbered row.

Row 14 has the correct number of stitches, but the first and last purl symbol of the row should also be changed to represent kfb. At that point, placing different colored markers for the center 26 stitches as the increases occur outside the markers will allow you to follow the chart straight. All the increase stitches outside those markers are purled, except for kfb on the first and last stich on the increase rounds (even numbered ones).

This ONLY applies to following the chart for the sleeves. I found it helpful to also place different colored markers to mark the center 26 stitches when working the chart for the front.

Left and Right Cable Charts:

These charts also do not account for the kfb increases. The blue line is in the correct place, but the purl st immed next to the blue line also needs to be changed to denote kfb on all even numbered (increase) rows. That puts a kfb right next to some cable crossings. I have not knit this part yet, but I'm wondering if the kfb will leave a hole next to the cable. That second stitch created kind of "floats".....

complainr said...

Thanks for posting about these errors. I was confused about this too while reading through the instructions. This is really helpful. Hopefully we'll hear something "official" about this soon.