Sunday, March 4, 2007

Finally, some progress

Boy, it's easier when the chart is correct! Thank you for figuring that out.
I am at row 16 on the first diamond repeat, and it's making sense. I still have gauge, so that's a good sign! The color is off in the pic; it really is a periwinkle (Elann Highland Wool).



Anna said...

It looks great. The cables really stand out in the Highland Wool. And it must drape so nicely too. I love seeing all the projects in different yarns and colors.

Gauss said...

It does look nice, and very soft.

cknowca said...

" it's easier when the chart is correct!"

What is the correction? I haven't started on my sweater yet (have another sweater to finish first, but I'm following along and enjoying the photos on this KAL).

Interweave knits doesn't yet have any errata listed?