Thursday, April 5, 2007


Since there has been a lack of posts since Anna posted her absolutely beautiful finished sweater, I thought I would try to liven things up here and throw up my work-in-progress:

Other than the fact that my neckline is in terrible need of blocking, I was hoping to get some advice as to when I should start finishing up the body. I am working up the 38" size, and for that circumference, the length of the sweater is supposed to be 16 3/4" from the armholes. Right now I am at about 11", and I have almost finished with five diamond repeats. Working through the 6th diamond repeat will put me at about the right pattern length, maybe a little over, and that should make the sweater hit at about hip level. What do you folks think? Are your sweaters turning out hip-length as well? I am posing this question well ahead of actually reaching the point because I want to adjust the side cables to end with the center, working them straight with just three center knit stitches if necessary.


Rebcam said...

It looks great! You and I are making the same size, and we both chose to start the waist cables at the same point. Thanks for showing makes me think that I'm doing it right! I plan on having a total of 6 center cables, which should put it right about hip-length, which is where I like my sweaters to hit. I'm soooo not looking forward to the sleeves!

Anna said...

Thank you for sharing your progress with us. It looks great. I love the color. I would go for the hip lenght as well. The cables shape the sweater so nicely, they really hug hips, so the hip-length shows the shaping to the best advantage.

Gauss said...

I will second that opinion. It is a beautiful yarn and the cables show up nicely; don't make the sweater too short.

Trudy said...

Thanks, everyone, for your advice. It's nice to get a second opinion when I am not quite sure of my own.