Saturday, April 14, 2007

Anxious to Start!

Hello! This is my first post and I'm new at this - knit-alongs and blogging. I have found it so helpful to read about everyone else's sweaters. So I'm very excited to join.

Anyway...I also fell in love with this sweater when the magazine first came out and am now almost ready to start it. My yarn arrived in the mail yesterday, but I probably won't be starting for a couple of weeks....unfortunately! I have to finish two baby-shower gifts for twin girls and my son's sweater (which entails a LOT of knitting as he is 19 and NOT a baby!) and I'm trying to get ready for a week long trip with a girlfriend! But I may just do a little swatch in the next couple of days.

Also, I was hoping the corrections to the sweater would be published soon as I am not as brave as all of you - my brain is too tired right now to do all the figuring!

So here is my yarn. Knit Picks Superwash wool in "Baby Blue" - but it is much prettier than the name suggests. I wanted to have the sweater in a nice light color similar to the one in the magazine. I hope to share some progress soon.

Thanks everyone - I'm looking forward to this!


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Anna said...

Welcome to the KAL Jenny. I made a pair of mittens with KP Superwash and I loved how soft the yarn is and how even it knits up. I cant`t wait to see more of this yarn.
Enjoy the trip with your friend.