Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Off to the frog pond...........

Well my Cable Down Raglan is on its way to the frog pond as we speak. I am up to where I put on the sleeves on holders and just work on the body and I am unhappy with it. I am going to reknit it with changes. I am going to change the neck a little so it isn't so bumpy where the front cable is. I am going to rework the increases so they are prettier and move the sleeve cables over a stitch. I am a little cranky with Interweave. There are errors in this pattern and an errata is not out yet, there should be no excuse on getting out your erratas promptly. I have been following the dollar and a half knitalong as that was on the list and those folks are really grumpy with the poor editing on their pattern. Not good, not good. Anyway I am off for a few days so hopefully I can focus on this sweater and get going on it as I love the end result. I will post on the changes I have made once I see whether they are successful or not, including photos. Wish me luck!

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