Saturday, May 5, 2007


First off, hey there. I too was struck when I first laid eyes on this sweater, not only because it's purdy, but also because the beautiful woman sporting the sweater in the magazine is my high school boyfriend's sister! Turns out the whole magazine was shot in my hometown of Portland, Maine. Small world.

I'm knitting this up in Araucania Nature wool that's long been in my stash. While I totally love the subtle variegation of this yarn, unfortunately even skeins of the same dyelot are quite different in shade. As you can probably see from the photo, the first skein was darker than the others, but I only realized this when I started on my second skein. At that point I just decided to soldier on. Ah well, it... gives it character?

(Apologies. Not sure how to get this right side up.)

I was off gauge quite a bit on both rows and stitches, so I knit one size up from what I would have otherwise, and also added one more repeat of the diamond cable. I also made it substantially shorter than the 17 3/4 ins called for from armhole to hip, ending at 14 ins. I just felt like that would be an awkward length, and I couldn't cast off before a whole additional repeat of the diamond cable. Wait, I'm confused - should I do one more repeat? Opinions? Also, the right and left cables as written started a bit low for my taste. I wanted an empire-waist kind of situation, so I started them only 4 inches below the armhole rather than the 6 indicated for my size. Boy, I sound picky.

This has been a real pleasure to knit, and I sooo appreciate the seamlessness. In fact, not having to do finishing might mean I bang this out fairly quickly, because that's usually where I stall. Sometimes for months or years. Onward, to sleeves!

PS In case any of you are curious, fortunately I do in fact have a fully functional right arm. I guess it's just camera shy? My cat, however, is not.


complainr said...

The world is indeed small. I love how your CDR looks in the Arucania-what a great choice!

Cute cat, too!

Gauss said...

That looks great. I wouldn't worry about the difference in color; since the entire yoke is one color, you can really just call it a design element.

Toya said...

that is great color, it looks really good

Anna said...

It looks great. I love the color and the empire waist shaping. What a great fit. And you are right about the world being small and Maine especially. I live in Brunswick, only half an hour from Portland.

Abby said...

Yes, Maine is tiny. My fiance jokes that everyone he meets from Maine knows either my parents or Stephen King.