Friday, May 11, 2007

Getting ready

Hello! I am in the process of purchasing my yarn for this lovely sweater--Berroco Pure Merino. My question is about fit. Should this sweater be sized with negative ease? I just knit Sahara by Stitch Diva and the actual sweater bust measurement was about 3 inches less than the actual bust measurement. This sweater seems like it should also have that kind of fit. My bust measures 34.5 and I see that there is a size that is almost the same measurement. Should I make that size or the smaller one which is around 31 inches? Thanks for any advice!


amanda said...

I don't know about negative ease as it relates to this pattern and cables and stuff, but I know that Sahara had some negative ease because the pattern called for silk, which stretches. I knit Sahara in a non-silk yarn and had to adjust my size since mine wasn't going to stretch. Anywho...not sure if that helps, but I still dont completely understand the negative ease/cable thing!

Anna said...

I knit the Raglan in Cotton Fleece (cotton-wool blend)and I went for negative ease. am very happy with the fit of the sweater. The good thing about the Raglan is that you start with the same number of stitches for all the sizes and then knit certain number of rows and increases depending on your size. You can always try it on and decide if you are happy with the size or need to go up.

complainr said...

This is a great question. I went for negative ease on mine, too. I agree with Anna; try it on after you divide for the sleeves and see what you think!