Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finally bought my yarn

I finally bought my yarn with an appreciation gift certificate given to me by my employer.
I am using Ella Rae 100% wool in a deep purple. I have used the superwash blend and been very happy with it.
As I was looking at the pattern in preparation for making it, I don't like the length of the sleeve. I will either make them longer to come to my wrist (with long arms I don't want to look like I outgrew it) or 3/4 or short. I like the short sleeve version made by another person. Also, my coworker tends to have the heat on all year, which drives me crazy.
Because I can try it on as I go, I will be able to see which way I like it best.
I will read through all of the present posts to check on ideosyncrasies that others have found in the pattern.
Wish me luck. Everyone's posted pictures are gorgeous.


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