Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Questions about finishing the body of the sweater

Hi everyone! I took a break from working on this sweater for a little while, the cabling at the end of the body was really getting to me, and now I have picked it up again and have almost finished the body. I am at a point where I have some decisions to make that will determine the look of the sweater. I am making the 36" size, and I started the side body cabling sectioning where indicated and where I thought it looked nice. However, these side cables are out of sync with the main diamond cable, and so when I finish my last diamond cable the secondary cables will not end at the same time. I've been looking at the pattern pictures, and it looks like this didn't happen in the pattern either, and that these outer cables were just k3 straight down to the bottom. I am thinking of doing that, ending the mini-cables after their last crossing and then doing k3 each time I pass them to the finish, which will end up being about 6 rows, I think. Did anyone else come across this same issue? Did you use this solution, or did you just keep with the cabling and not worry that it didn't end at a point? Or did anyone come up with a cooler solution to this problem? I can't remember if this whole issue was posted earlier, and if so, I apologize for bringing it up again without first searching through the archives. Any advice anyone has would be appreciated. Once I finish the body, I will post a picture of how cables and things turned out.


Gauss said...

I just kept going with the cables and ended them wherever. I guess if I'd been really smart I would have computed where to start the side cables so they end in a "nice" place (perhaps right before or after a crossing), but I didn't think of this until the end. I would say keep crossing the side cables, it looks allright on the sweater in the magazine and on my sweater as well.

By the way, I never wore my sweater (too warm!). I can't wait for Fall!

mlb said...

It looks great! I'm going to be starting my CDR soon, and I'd love to hear from you with any tips, hints, tricks, etc. that helped you through the quirks of this pattern.

cknowca said...

I made one of the larger sizes and mine were out of sync, too (I calculated this ahead of time). It seems that not all sizes end up as nicely matched as the sweater in the photograph.

To compensate, I started added some extra "stem" rows for the shorter cable (the "stem rows" are what I call the plain rows at the start and end of each repeat, they). Also, I used a bit of short-rowing just in the diamond cable panel to sneak in a few extra rows of that pattern, here and there so that it would end at the same row as the smaller cable.

Trudy said...

Thanks for all the advice. It was helpful in forcing me to make a decision.